Leaving this World by Ontoshiki

i told myself not to take a photo of her face; i was fighting my conscience i guess.; when she was sitting on the train, she looked so tired and lacking energy. i felt sorry for her actually , well i cant judge her in any way since i dont know what her story is..

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Raspberry Rockets (a.k.a. white chocolate filled raspberries that are perfect for a sweet craving)
20 raspberries (20)
20 white chocolate chips (34)
Wash the raspberries by holding them under gently running water or submerging in a bowl of water and agitating gently. Allow the raspberries to air-dry by simply putting them on a towel. Once dry, insert one chip into each berry with flat side of the chip facing you. Serve.
Each serving (10 raspberry rockets) holds 27 calories

So cute and clever! I think I would use dark chocolate, maybe even butterscotch just for the hell of it. Yum!

I am so making these!!!!